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Decoding Teacher Perceptions of the Usability and Feasibility of a Technology Enhanced Cryptography Curriculum

Antonenko, P., Xu, Z., Koh, D. H., Dawson, K., Wusylko, C., Benedict, A., & Bhunia, S. (2021). Decoding teacher perceptions of the usability and feasibility of a technology-enhanced cryptography curriculum. Paper presented at the 2021 Conference of the American Educational Research Association. This study reports empirical data on educator perceptions of the usability and feasibility […]

Cultivating Elementary Students’ Interest in Cryptography and Cybersecurity

Xu, Z., Koh, R., Antonenko, P., Dawson, K., Bhunia, S., Benedict, A. (2019). Cultivating elementary students’ interest in cryptography and cybersecurity. Presented at the 2019 Conference of the UF Nelms Institute for Connected Worlds, Gainesville, FL. This poster provides an overview of the CryptoComics project. Specifically it addresses the following aspects:• Cryptography is the foundation […]

Design of a Technology-Enhanced and Culturally Responsive Curriculum to Engage Elementary Children in Cryptography and Cybersecurity

Antonenko, P., Xu, Z., Koh, D., Dawson, K., Bhunia, S., Benedict, A. (2020). Design of a technology-enhanced and culturally responsive curriculum to engage elementary children in cryptography and cybersecurity. Paper presented at the 2020 Conference of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology. This presentation discussed the experiences and strategies of a diverse, interdisciplinary team […]