Decoding Teacher Perceptions of the Usability and Feasibility of a Technology Enhanced Cryptography Curriculum

Antonenko, P., Xu, Z., Koh, D. H., Dawson, K., Wusylko, C., Benedict, A., & Bhunia, S. (2021). Decoding teacher perceptions of the usability and feasibility of a technology-enhanced cryptography curriculum. Paper presented at the 2021 Conference of the American Educational Research Association.

This study reports empirical data on educator perceptions of the usability and feasibility of a cryptography focused curriculum that uses tablet games and activities and is framed using a comic book narrative. The curriculum and apps are being designed for implementation in informal K-12 settings such as afterschool programs and so the data was provided by informal educators who will be implementing it. Educator feedback focused on the ease of use and appropriateness of vocabulary, comic book story and characters, app navigation, perceptions of emotional, cognitive, and behavioral engagement, and design of the teacher implementation guide. This research provides implications for the design, implementation, and evaluation of technology enhanced curricula for elementary age children and educators in informal learning settings.